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Future Health Ventures partners with a variety of organisations and funds in order to assist our portfolio partners and investors.

Adventure Capital

Adventure Capital is a super-angel style venture fund ($20-40 million) focused on funding and guiding early stage digital media and web 2.0 companies that are highly capital efficient and have global ambition and scope.

Aurelius Digital

An angel investment group that run quarterly events with the key focus of reducing the friction between digital/web startups seeking funding and the angel investors with the expertise and capital to see these companies succeed.

Yuuwa Capital

Yuuwa Capital is a $40M early-stage venture capital firm based in Perth, Western Australia.

Yuuwa seeks to invest in technology companies where the Yuuwa team can bring its own experience, networks and industry knowledge to add value in excess of the financial investment made.

Yuwaa's focus is Australian innovation, research and development, preferentially with a connection to Western Australia.

Angel Investment Network

Angel Investment Network is a global online angel community with over 200,000 members based in over 80 countries.

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is an intense 54 hour event which focuses on building a web or mobile application which could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend. The weekend brings together people with different skillsets - primarily software developers, graphics designers and business people - to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.