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HealthEngine is Australia's most widely used and comprehensive resource connecting patients and health practitioners.

Created and independently run by Australian doctors, HealthEngine's mission is to provide free, timely and accurate information so that the best health care decisions can be made.

Health practitioners can be searched for, qualified and contacted through specialty area, interests, procedures performed, languages spoken and location.

HealthEngine is also a guide through the maze of health related questions from finding the right doctor or medical specialist, through to learning about medical tests, procedures, investigations, diseases and conditions. All articles on the website are written and peer reviewed by Australian physicians to provide accurate information for all health needs.



RemoteConsult is a powerful, user friendly Tele-Health platform designed by medical and IT professionals for the Australian health care community.

Work from any computer connected to the internet, and improve coordination of care by using customised tools designed for your workflows and preferences.

Save time, headaches and money because the RemoteConsult platform scales with your business without the need to invest upfront in complex technical infrastructure.



Popfossa is the premier professional development and online learning portal designed to connect the global healthcare community.

Professional meetings, conferences and events have been the mainstay of learning and networking for healthcare professionals for centuries.

Popfossa not only makes finding relevant meetings easier but also aims to facilitate e-learning and professional development across disciplines and cultures.


CalorieStory is an online nutrition and exercise tracking system, designed from the ground up to power the next generation of provider-driven preventative health solutions and tools.

CalorieStory provides a turn-key solution to large insurers, corporations and wellness coaching providers who want an integrated, scalable, population-wide tool to address obesity, overweight and associated co-morbidities.